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We create strategies that work

Our strategies resemble a precisely drawn map that outlines your company’s goals and the steps we take to achieve them. By following the plan, we provide a clear path to success.

We ensure consistent experiences at every customer touchpoint. This is a crucial element for building trust and customer loyalty.

We believe in balancing sales activities with building a strong brand. Our strategies take into account both short-term sales goals and the long-term development of the brand, enabling sustainable success.

Our strategies are effective because we continuously monitor their implementation. This allows us to adapt our actions to the changing business environment.

We make decisions based on data

Our actions are based on thorough data analysis and precise assessment of the business environment. We utilize data from analytical tools, conduct analyses of market conditions and trends, and perform both quantitative and qualitative research.

The preparation of each concept begins with a thorough verification of data quality and their sources, and in case of lack of existing data, their acquisition.

The next step is the analysis of business indicators. We compare them with relevant parameters in analytical tools, thereby creating a simplified econometric model.

This approach allows us to formulate effective strategies, tactics, and campaigns that are based on measurable, specific, and achievable (SMART) goals.

We care about personalized communication

We start creating genuinely personalized communication by deeply understanding the target audience through analysis of demographic and psychographic data, market research, or existing brand consumers.

Based on the data, we create segments and personalize content according to preferences, behaviors, or needs. We individualize not only communication but also customer experiences when interacting with the brand, ensuring its consistent reception.

We use tools that help us monitor and analyze consumer behaviors to adjust actions in real-time. We encourage customers to share feedback, which allows us to better understand their needs and expectations.

We create an emotional bond with the customer by crafting engaging narratives – we evoke positive emotions and encourage interaction. This way, we build brand loyalty.

We select the appropriate tools.

At Yetiz, we know that it’s not the tools but thoughtful communication that allows brands to grow. It’s around this that we select the appropriate tools.

We analyze business goals and the target audience, and then assess the tools available on the market. From these, we choose the best in terms of functionality, pricing, and potential for development.

With our experience and collaboration across various industries, we have comprehensive knowledge of available technologies. Choosing the right ones allows for optimization of marketing costs and significant time savings.

We effectively implement technology and configure tools. We test and optimize actions, as well as coordinate work between teams to achieve the best results.

We design engaging campaigns.

Advertising campaigns are the final product of our marketing efforts. We build a consistent narrative based on knowledge of potential customers. We ensure that communication is authentic and reflects the company’s real values. Our message is based on positive emotions.

We believe that technology provides a competitive advantage only when supported by emotionally resonant communication.

We choose tools that combine marketing automation with personalized messaging, leading to higher engagement compared to traditional, mass campaigns.

We monitor user reactions and engagement. Analyzing the results allows us to adjust our strategy, identify the best actions, and areas requiring optimization. This way, we continuously improve our campaigns.

How we do it