Brand strategy and communication

We work strategically with brands at every stage of their development.

When do you need it

You operate in a highly competitive market.

You want to introduce a new offer.

You know you have a good product, but your brand isn’t growing.

You want to enter a new market or segment.

You intend to build a strong brand rather than just being a sales platform.

You believe that the market doesn’t understand or appreciate what you offer.

You don’t want to participate in a price war with the competition.

How we can support you

Competitive analysis, market research, and consumer behavior studies

Brand positioning

Strategic consulting

Introducing new brands, products, or services

Brand strategy, communication strategy, strategy implementation, and evaluation

Communication concepts

What we
work on

Strategia i komunikacja marki

Let’s talk about strategy

Katarzyna Stasiewicz,
Strategy planner & Brand manager

Marketing strategist and art historian. At Yetiz, responsible for formulating strategies, evaluations, and preparing creative concepts. Privately, a lover of art and documentary.