Social media & influencer marketing

Brand building is the process of creating a brand, which involves establishing a unique identity and a positive brand image in the eyes of customers. It involves strategically creating value, emotions, and recognition, attracting loyal customers and distinguishing the brand in the market.

When do you need it

When you are building awareness of your brand

When you want to generate buzz around your product/service

When you want to quickly reach a large audience

When you want to build knowledge about your product/service

When you want to strengthen the authenticity of your brand

When you want to sell in a new channel

When you want to obtain quick feedback from the market or consumer insights

When you want to showcase your brand from the inside – the process or the story

When you want to recruit specific brand ambassadors

In which areas we will support you

Analysis of your current activities with influencers

Audit of individual influencers’ accounts

Brand communication audit in terms of activities with influencers

Selection of influencers for the campaign according to criteria, goals, needs and statistics

Preparation of a communication concept, KPI, and activity report

Conducting ongoing communication with influencers, project settlement and reporting

What are we working on

SPECIALIST #yetizteam

Patrycja Gala
Social Media Ads Specialist

Growth Manager with a passion for influencer marketing. At Yetiz, responsible for finding new growth opportunities for clients. Privately, a father of two sons, a former track and field athlete, and a current craft beer enthusiast.

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