Web analytics

We provide reliable and diverse data, based on which you can make effective and profitable business decisions.


When you need it

  • Your website/application is not meeting its set goals. Through analytics, you can pinpoint the issue and enhance your touchpoints with potential clients.

  • Not all paid actions yield the expected results. Through analytics, you can identify the effective direction for optimizing advertising campaigns.
  • You run an e-commerce business and want to increase sales. Through analytics, you will notice trends and correlations that will help you tailor your offerings to consumer needs.
  • User/customer retention is at a low level or drastically declining. Through analytics, you will discover what is missing in your loyalty process.
  • Your brand is being talked about on the Internet. Through analytics, you can identify sales leads, observe the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, and manage your brand’s online image.

In what areas we will support you

Audit of analytics implemented on the website/application | GA4/GTM implementation

Implementation of consent management

UX analysis

GA4 services and training

Reports in Looker Studio

Advanced reports in GA4

Analysis of paid sales campaigns and audience analysis

Survey research

Social listening – brand monitoring on the Internet

What we work on

SPECIALIST #yetizteam

Katarzyna Góraj,
Senior Digital Analyst

She took her first steps in her professional career in social listening and then completely immersed herself in the world of research. At Yeti, she is involved in analytics and managing PPC campaigns. Privately, she is addicted to mountain hikes and cannot imagine life without Freddie Mercury’s vocals.