Paid traffic sources

Comprehensive support in managing and configuring the market’s most crucial PPC tools.

When is it worth choosing PPC

A new company on the market

  • Requirement: Increased visibility and generating interest in a competitive market
  • Value: PPC campaigns help quickly reach potential customers and build brand recognition.

New product or service

  • Requirement: Promotion of a new product/service and convincing customers to make a purchase.
  • Value: PPC allows for precise targeting of individuals interested in a specific product/service, increasing the chances of conversions.

Seasonal promotions and sales

  • Requirement: Increasing sales during specific periods, such as holidays or summer/winter seasons.
  • Value: PPC campaigns allow for a quick response to changing trends and encourage customers to take advantage of promotions.

Market competition

  • Requirement: The need to compete with other companies for customer attention.
  • Value: PPC campaigns allow ads to be displayed at the top of search results, increasing visibility compared to competitors.

Low conversion website

  • Requirement: Improving conversion metrics on the website.
  • Value: PPC campaigns can direct users to dedicated landing pages, increasing the alignment of the ad with customer expectations and, consequently, improving conversions.

Dividing the target market

  • Requirement: Targeting different offers to diverse market segments.
  • Value: PPC campaigns enable the creation of personalized ads for various audience groups, increasing the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Research on keywords and customer behavior

  • Requirement: Understanding customer preferences and behaviors, as well as effectively adapting the strategy.
  • Value: PPC campaigns provide valuable data on keywords that yield the most conversions and customer reactions to different offers.

Quick results and performance measurement

  • Requirement: Immediate results and the ability to monitor outcomes.
  • Value: PPC campaigns allow for the rapid delivery of ads to customers and enable precise measurement of return on investment.

In what areas we will support you

Competition analyses

Brand positioning

Introducing new brands, products or services

Preparing concepts for performance activities

Complete service | ppc account audits

Automation of pcc accounts

Automation of reporting campaign results

Google Ads Scripts

Ceneo scripts

What we work on

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Jakub Pytlik,
PPC Team Leader | Senior Google Ads/Programmatic Specialist

At Yetiz, I manage a team responsible for running campaigns on Google and Facebook Ads. On a daily basis, I also focus on creating marketing plans and oversee paid campaigns for our largest clients.