UX/UI Design

We create experiences where functionality merges with aesthetics, thanks to integrated UX and UI design.

01 When do you need it

Starting a new project – investing in good UX and UI in the early stages of the project can define its success.

You’re planning a rebranding and expect a renewal of the user interface and improvement of the customer experience.

You want to increase user retention or perhaps you are introducing new features, products, or services.

You have a high number of abandoned shopping carts in the online store.

You notice a low conversion rate on the landing page.

You want to minimize the number of inquiries to customer service.

02 In which areas we can support you

UX-audits and verification of information architecture. 

Target group analysis and benchmarking. 

Usability tests



UX-design process

UI Design

Design System

UX Writing

03 Proces

04 What we work on

Used tools/chanels:

05 Let’s talk about your users

Anna Owczarczak
Creative Director

Board member and Creative Director at Yetiz. Fascinated by typography, advocate of the saying 'better is the enemy of good’. Loves subdued colors and one-pixel lines.